Moving World Wednesday 20130213

Happy Moving World Wednesday!
Here are your latest news, views and lols from the moving world.


Creative GCSEs to stay.. we hope
The UK government have abandoned plans to confirm the education system to Ebacc, which would have seen creative subjects such as art and design being sidelined. Despite celebrations, people have been quick to make sure focus does not get diluted, and that art and design continue to be a high priority in our schools’ curriculums. Follow #IncludeDesign for all the latest.

Digital City
Digitally focused ex-Mayor of San Francisco, and current Lieutenant Governor of California, Gavin Newsom has launched his book this week ‘Citizenville: How to Take the Town Square Digital and Reinvent Government’, which tackles the notion of an outdated government which has not progressed at the fast digital rate which other industries have and how “Americans can transform their government, taking matters into their own hands to dissolve political gridlock even as they produce tangible changes in the real world.”

100 hi-tech information recycling bins have been placed around the city of London. The will be used to display “anything from news to advertisements to information on London underground delays or the number of Boris bikes available in the vicinity”. Though, we may have to get used to the idea of being told to seek cover by a bin as they can also be used for ‘emergency messages’, though we hope they will never have to be…

Stream of consciousness
Some interesting pieces of thought about how our view of the web is changing:
The Guardian writes on how much of the visuals and terminology of the web is grained in the past, and how our experience will fully change from sites to a “time-based worldstream”

And on the theme of the popular and mesmerising effect of the GIF and Vine, Fast Co have investigated the history of human obsession with these Endless loops, named the “wheel of the devil” since the invention of the Victorian Zoetrope

Moving World Broadcast Time
A selection of Moving World themed programmes are available for your pleasure this week:

‘Away from Keyboard’ – the documentary following the Pirate Bay is available for free streaming and download. Despite the creators encouraging free streaming and downloads, on account of the nature of the business, the movie has already had 2,700 paid downloads and many pre-orders of the DVD version. Watch the trailer here

‘Black Mirror’ returned to our (multiple) screens. The first episode questioned what would happen if your social networks could carry you living on even after your death. Not too far from home as current service reads your tweets and carries on when your not there – with the catch tagline “When your heart stops beating, you’ll keep tweeting”. We contacted the guys behind it to find out more – read our insight piece about it on our blog

See a 3D printed gun in action

Etsy figured out how to find more female engineers

A report by the Royal Academy of Engineering reports an incoming solar storm which could wipe out the national grid

Careful, out there – How Raytheon software tracks you online

Did Bing Just Reveal the Location of the Secret Saudi Drone Base?

Interesting look into how lenders are using social media to assess borrowers

The London Stock Exchange have created a new segment to try and stop tech companies heading to the US for capital

Insight into the techniques used for reconstructing Richard III’s face from the skeleton found in a car park

And here’s how to make moonshots happen.

Roses are red, violets are blue, this works on Android and iPhone too

I think we’ve found perfect post-rationalisation in gif form…