Moving World Wednesday 20130220



Here’s this weeks roundup of the new, views and goings on from across the Moving World. 


Product innovations

Put down those pencils, the worlds first 3D printing pen has been invented and we may have a tinge of innovation envy. It also seems to double as a money printer, raising $500k funding in a day – giving the crowdsourcing investment model a further boost (the process provides a way to test product ideas and build relationships, as well as funding).

The second product launch of the week to capture everyone’s attention was the launch of the Google Glass website, alongside a very slick video showing off a lot of new UI elements. Google will be judging all Tweets and Google+ posts with the hashtag #ifihadglass and, if picked, you can attend a launch event and receive your pair… after handing over $1500 + tax, of course. Launching the product this way was very effective, with Glass and #ifihadglass trending on Twitter worldwide. Though the cynical amongst us can’t help to be reminded of the video from last year featuring comped in Google Ads.
Moving Morals

The week has seen some interesting changes and issues. Responding to huge income disparity, China bans luxury ads to stop rubbing wealth in the face of the poor; Israel bans models with BMI under 18.5  (the minimum ‘normal’ weight) from catwalk, photo shoots and modelling campaigns; and a Facebook/Google founder combo have launched a $15m yearly science prize aimed at prolonging human life.

Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google might post huge profits, but many of their staff see little financial benefit. It builds on this very interesting article looking into the work environment of Amazons new warehouse in Rugeley, which with it’s tablets to track employees productivity and second by second monitoring is raising some eyebrows.

And, as the rest of us watched the incredible videos of the Russian meteorite breaking up in the atmosphere, Germans were unable to watch any of the videos due to copyright claims over the music playing on car radios.
You may have missed

The UK saw 400,000 new businesses last year.

The average child born today ‘to spend quarter of life watching a screen’.

Jonathan Ive makes an appearance on Blue Peter.

Suggestions of a wearable watch/style bit of Tech coming from Apple.

Coding libraries are starting to get a bit OTT.

The Obama administration used an executive order to introduce new protections after several legislative proposals were rejected by congress.

Why we love beautiful things.

New approach to comics using our old (new) friend Vine.

Sony announces the PS4, but could have learnt a few things from Apple.


Burger King get hacked by person impersonating a very ghetto version of McDonalds, but gains a LOT more followers as a result.

Man orders the most expensive Starbucks ever – a venti mocha frappuccino with soy mocha drizzle, matcha powder, protein powder, caramel brûlée topping, strawberries, two bananas, caramel drizzle frappuccino chips,vanilla bean and a partridge in a pear tree.