Moving World Wednesday 20130306

mww20130306Here’s this weeks roundup of the news, views and goings on from across the Moving World.

Lets push things forward… through crowdsourcing
MB’s creative technologist Tim attended the Cancer Research hackathon last weekend, which is an interesting project which aims to engage the public to sort genetic data to help in the battle against cancer and Darpa look towards the possibilities this technique could hold for human speech, as they work “exploring the ways crowdsourcing can make it possible for our speech to be recorded and stored forever”.

Kids these days…
Tenth Grade Tech Trends is an insightful look into what social worlds the younger generation are interested in, with interest in Facebook declining in favour of image based networks such as Instagram or Snapchat – the image messaging service which self-deletes the pictures in a matter of seconds and of which the majority of users are aged between 13 and 25. And will they become the best in class of tomorrow? This article charts the history and rise of the ‘Facebook Class’ – who while at Stamford were working on apps as student projects –  “the 75 students created apps that collectively had 16 million users in just 10 weeks” and influencing start-up culture as we know it today.

I streamed a stream
The history of streaming makes interesting reading in the week that Oyala releases a global video index giving insight into how much streaming and tablet consumption of video has risen in the last year; “The share of tablet video viewing more than doubled last year, as mobile, social and video converged on a single device.” And as history changes, it also repeats as “Europe’s first online TV channel” which originally was founded in 1998 is due to relaunch at SXSW. But all you want to really be watching is as simple as this… Thankfully, studio favourite Kitten cam is back

You may have missed
“Hello world from comms center in #Pyongyang.”

Creepy/awesome “Intercontinental mind-meld” is the first step towards making an organic computer

Android Will Account for 58% of Smartphone App Downloads in 2013

How Google Search Works

Elite acheivement is only 3.5 hours a day away

How important tech companies are to the UK economy

Groupon CEO fired as people fall out of love with the bargainous service

I can only describe this video as -:D