Moving World Wednesday 20130313

Here’s this weeks roundup of the news, views and goings on from across the Moving World!

Suited and rebooted
Lots of wearable innovations caught our attentions this week. Dita Von Teese sported a 3D printed dress boasting “17 unique pieces and 3,000 joints that let the dress move with the body”. Thom Yorke is looking dapper in this experimental choreography-proof suit by Norton & Sons. Google and Adidas team up to create talking shoes – which are less soul, more sole. Headwear news as Google Glass, the wearable interaction glasses from Google gathers more press – it has been announced that it will have apps. Seems that not everyone is a keen adapter – as this Seattle bar bans Google Glass. Google also announced they want to replace your password with jewellery.

A galaxy not so far away
A lot of tech news recently is pointing towards the private space race starting to heat up rather rapidly, with the Google Lunar X Prize deadline closing, seeing companies assembling $25million moon rover missions to send HD video back from the moon. As 3-D Printing Meets Rocket Science this article charts the long standing dream of colonizing the moon, whilst Elon Musk has said in an #SXSW that he aims “to die on mars, just not on impact”… a dream that may come to fruition sooner than expected with the SpaceX grasshopper breaking its current flight record.

SXSWish you were here
Heres a couple of things that have caught our eye from SXSW so far:

The D&AD Instagram feed has been an insightful as well as beautiful window into the festival

Marvel really jumping on the digital wagon this SXSW with AR, audio, and weekly mobile comics announcements. Too little too late? There’s already a Madefire shaped indent made far before this announcements came along… (zing?)

Kim DotCom becoming more of a comedy baddie everyday – he’s been appearing as a floating head at a Skype panel

SXSW also saw the launch of JASH – a new comedy content company founded and featuring original content by the exciting talents of Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim and Eric, and Reggie Watts. Keep your eyes on this one…

But generally we can’t help but feeling slightly underwhelmed with the news coming from this festival where the highlight has undoubtedly been an appearance from Reddit favourite Grumpy Cat.

You may have missed
Vimeo launch per per view service (thanks to Aki for link)

Schools are at a technology tipping point

Google launches indoor maps

Wheres my phone? – Transparent mobile phone

Samsung says windows 8 and Surface aren’t very good

Facebook users unwittingly revealing intimate secrets (Thanks to Nick for the link)

60s ad man creates poster for new series of Mad Men


Dad of the year hacks Donkey Kong so daughter can save Mario

Innovate, innovate, innovate