Moving World Wednesday 20130320

20130320_mww_largeHere’s this weeks roundup of the news, views and goings on from across the Moving World!

Websites are fighting against the CISPA law which will be launched in the US this week; Obama’s cyber privacy endeavour which aims to allow for the sharing of Internet traffic information between the U.S. government and certain technology and manufacturing companies. It has already seen backlash with hackers doubting the government’s knowledge and calling it ‘a train wreck’, and 30,000 websites fiercely opposing the act with an online banner which states; “CISPA is back. This bill sacrifices privacy without improving security. We deserve both.” and allows users to send their complaints straight to congress.

Moving world wednesday comes into the world through a highly collaborative process, which includes Google Docs heavily, so when we saw that Google were launching a drive realtime API to let developers build apps with real-time collaboration, we immediately saw the potential. Google states this project gives you “all the tools you need to create a fully collaborative application without running your own server”.

We found some pretty interesting footage this week, of telecoms giant AT&T’s vision of the future. They were smashing it in 1993, but it all went a bit wrong the year after in 1994…

Half of what advertisers know about you is wrong

Illness just became another big data problem

Interesting (non commercial) logo endeavour for charity

What a difference 8 years makes…

Adobe CTO leaves to become VP of technology at Apple

The Minuum Keyboard Project rethinks the mobile keyboard

Old TVs and monitors are causing a big landfill problem

EA CEO John Riccitiello resigns after ‘shortcomings’ after seeing stock prices slump. And the bad news has kept on coming… with a vulnerability in their online store

Seems you can teach a new hand old tricks – this prosthetic hand can tie shoelaces and deal cards


This video by Darwin Deez sees him placed in the background of stock footage with hilarious/creepy consequences