Moving World Wednesday 20130327


Image courtesy of Carna Botnet

(Image courtesy of Carna Botnet)


Heres this weeks roundup of news and views from across the Moving World!


Connecting in new ways

In the US, T-Mobile have announced they are to ditch all mobile contracts, opting instead for a pay as you go monthly fee. The much more competitive, simplified pricing seems popular with the public in country where pre-paid use is rapidly rising, and is an interesting move from a carrier with only the fourth largest market share. The litmus test will be whether the big players (AT&T and Verizon) decide to follow suit. T-Mobile’s CEO announced the move with a rather sweary speech.

Meanwhile, Facebook have announced free UK VoIP calling through the iOS app, and Google are to implement a solar powered, white space broadband service to 10 schools in South Africa. The system, which transmits on unused TV channel frequencies, is a really clever way of connecting areas with poor infrastructure using existing technology (including rural England)


A $30m dollar PR stunt?

Summly, the news summarising app from the annoyingly eloquent 17 year old Nick D’Aloisio, has been bought and closed by Yahoo for a rumoured $30m. The app had an original £1m investment, and big name celebrity endorsement. The move has generated a huge amount of press for Yahoo, which has been seeing rapid changes under it’s new ex-Google CEO Marissa Meyer. Whilst $30m seems a lot of money for three employees, 1m downloads and a licensed technology, it appears Yahoo were more interested in the boost to its image by making a millionaire of a young, tech savvy teenager (a segment of their audience they continuously struggle to engage).

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Manteresting, you don’t pin things you nail them.


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