Moving World Wednesday 20130403


Happy Wednesday! Here are your news, views and lols from the Moving World that you may have missed over the Easter weekend!

Tesla have had a string of noteworthy announcements this week as Tesla grow into a ‘proper’ car manufacturer. The electric car company has announced that it is partnering with Mercedes to deliver a fully electric B-Class (with more models to follow). Proving the technology in a premium, own made model before moving into a licensing the technology is a smart move, though will the move confuse consumers – will Tesla now be seen a car manufacturer or tech partner? Either way, it’s working, with the company posting its first quarter of “full profitability” (the fact the startup Project 100 just bought 100 cars probably helped). A press release followed announcing a partnership with Wells Fargo to allow financing of Model S cars. A move into NASCAR rounds (and rounds) off the weeks announcements.


This Techcrunch article examines how data is changing how we read stories and on the theme, everyones favourite story telling tool Madefire, have just announced a partnership with creative online community Deviantart. It is hoped the talented and passionate Deviantart community will embrace the tool to embark upon “a new wave of storytelling.” An inventive streak pays off, as the NY Times reports that school leavers now need to be ‘innovation-ready’ not ‘college-ready’


The mobile phone celebrates its 40th anniversary, and the worlds fastest computer in 2009 is now obsolete and being dismantled. Whilst pondering those facts, have a read of this journalist’s visit back to the year 2000, the year formerly known as ‘the future’, to see how much has changed in just over a decade.


Furniture, speakers, ships and even buildings have seen the 3-D printed light of day this week, but the fact that on-demand 3D printed food is a near-reality brings it all a bit too close to home, literally. Dominoes, you’d better get your tech act together.


Google glass to be manufactured in US, while China releases rival in Baidu Eye

Why intuitive interface is a myth

Google travels to Fukushima to show residents their former homes.

The Financial Times releases a webapp with ‘live’ and ‘morning’ versions

Apple bows to Chinese pressure

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its file sharing drones from The Pirate Bay

Norwegian Airline to expand globally

You didn’t make Harlem Shake go viral, corporations did

Termites engineer their own ecosystem

Amazon buys social reading site Goodreads

Facebook blocks access to Facebook to get employees to focus on mobile

Bitcoin hits $1bn


April winners