Moving World Wednesday 20130410

 20130410_mww_largeHappy Moving World Wednesday! Here’s your weekly news on creativity, tech and design in business. 

Buys and tries
Canada loans Telefonica £170M to help save Blackberry, Microsoft sells Mediaroom in order to focus on XBox for TV and Google were rumoured to be negotiating a $1billion acquisition of Whatsapp, rumours which have been quashed by WhatsApp after much speculation.

Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook home, which aims to take over your device and make it ‘about people, not apps’ with integrated messaging solutions (which includes a lot of tapping your friends faces..)

And on the story we brought you a few weeks ago, Yahoo’s acquisition of 17 year old’s Summly app, there’s a lot of speculation regarding the motives, which have mainly focused on image; with Yahoo wanting to be seen as a company who would take a chance on such a young entrepreneur, but this article explains the drive was to keep the SRI equity safe. Apparently at Yahoo, Summly has been nicknamed “Yahoo’s Siri”, so watch this space…

Google Fiber, the recently launched gigabit broadband Internet service, has only cost the company $100M so far sparking an interesting discussion into Google’s strategy on Reddit.

Online rulings
Noticeable and interesting developments are happening surrounding online ruling laws. The Security and Exchange Commission have announced that its now ok to make company announcements via social media, as long as stakeholders are informed first, following an incident where Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’s personal Facebook post affected Netflix shares substantially. Courts are debating issue of digital music resale, ruling digital file reselling company ReDigi to be infringing on Capitol Records rights. Finally, the issue of online crime has been brought up again with the recent success of Bitcoin, prompting questions surrounding whether it is legal, and what would happen to Bitcoin millionaires if it wasn’t.

In a Galaxie far away
Beautiful Space themed links have been shared round the studio this week, from these NASA Document Covers and Guidelines, to this brilliant infographic; Distance to Mars.

You may have missed
Interesting report from the Government Report for Science – Changing identities in the UK: the next 10 years

Human wags rat tail using brain control interface

o0o0o00o0oH… Phantom Flex4K preview footage

Ice got my eye on you – googley eyed rebrand for ice cream store

How a tweet can derail a career, what we can learn from Paris Brown

Got, got, need – the most wanted gadgets in the world right now

Google Street View Hyperlapse

There’s a fine line between the worst, and the best, teenager ever

The Tutor Crowd is bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase Urban Dictionary