Moving World Wednesday 20130417


Happy Moving World Wednesday! Here’s your weekly news on creativity, tech and design in business. 


Facebook ads
Facebook are making waves regarding their new strategy to mobile, which are based strongly around the belief that mobile is soon to overtake TV as the most important way to advertise. This sees Facebook offering to fund your next phone… also you have to give up is a few more ads and tracking of your data… CEO Sheryl Sandberg has defended against any concerns surrounding the initiatives stating, “The size of the audience makes this – the phone – a mass medium. It’s as important to a marketer as TV.”

Tragedy in the moving world
The power of the human spirit showing through clever initiatives created to give people aid and information in the quickest and easiest way possible. Boston Marathon room listings spreadsheet showed the generosity of residents offering places to stay for out of towners and Google person finder allows people to search for information regarding their loved ones.


Designs of the year
The Designs of the year were announced this week by Design Museum, with the main award going to which is described as a ‘one-stop shop for Government services’. World skims sites then has their say, laughably including The Daily “It has only two small pictures” Mail.


Projects that have recently caught our eye
Stop everything and dance along with your cursor in this inventive and playful crowd sourced music video.


Beautiful approach to a survey from BMW Guggenheim Lab on the theme of our perceptions of how public or private our city lives can be. A masterclass on if you want people to give up their time and thoughts, making the process enjoyable and engaging really does benefit everyone.


You may have missed

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HP to Integrate Leap Motion Controllers with PCs


Why VCs should invest in brand (thanks to Darren for link)


Real beauty sketches by criminal artists revive the Dove campaign for real beauty (thanks to Aki for link)


If you listen to one radio show this week listen to… Jon Ronson On… Brainstorming


Why Microsoft Wants to Be Amazon — And Amazon Wants to Be Microsoft



The emperors new innovation


Funny or die have released a feature-length Steve Jobs spoof biopic. If you have 78 minutes to spare, click here