Moving World Wednesday 20130501

20130501_mww_largeHappy Moving World Wednesday! Here’s your weekly news on creativity, tech and design in business.

Its (only) twenty years and a day since the first public webpage was hosted by CERN, a move that made the protocol license free and able to be used by all. CERN have made the website available again, a simple text based site explaining the ‘internets’ aim “to give universal access to a large universe of documents.” Despite the annoying-to-type double slashes that even Berner-Lee himself admitted was a mistake, the concept seems to have taken off…

With the internet now fundamentally embedded in most businesses and methods of communication, certain groups are looking to start archiving it. The SF based Internet Archive are beginning to save all websites and create authentic, non-curated snapshots of internet history – “We’re not Google. We’re a library.”


Careless whispers

Following the ‘digital witch hunt’ which followed on Reddit after the Boston bombings, credibility in accordance to digital news stories has been the focus of much attention this week. Trying to counteract this problem is Twitter tool ‘Retwact’ – which ‘tries to contain the damage (and shame) that comes along with spreading information that later turns out to be untrue.’

The News Machine is a fantastic project from Colors magazine on this theme. It comments on how easy it is for news stories to lose factual correctness through the many filters it is subject to. Tweets are sent through a convoluted (and beautifully analogue) process where a video turns into a radio signal, which is broadcast, then recorded, then reinterpreted, then printed… a process easier to understand in video.



A few moving world art projects have caught our eye this week, including playable game paintings and an interesting exhibition showcasing interactive medals that sing, when accessed through a smartphone.


You may have missed

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First pictures taken with Google Glass are posted online, aloing with a video explaining how interation works

iOS goes flat, flat, flat.

Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen on What’s Next for the World?

Blackberry CEO get press by saying tablets will be dead in 5 years

Gesture control comes to Photoshop

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What design thinking can do for social impact? Click the link for the entire pdf interview (link thanks to @mariakaram)

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Interesting thoughts on simultaneous cross-media storytelling and charting new show Defiance (link thanks to Mat)

Interesting insight into the digital subscriptions for The New York Times

Simple and sweet animation on the future of search from Guardian Technology

If you spot any great examples of brands connecting with people, companies embracing innovation, or hear of breaking news in the tech, business and creative sectors, tweet us using #MWW. We’ll include the game-changers in next week’s Moving World Wednesday roundup.