Moving World Wednesday 20130515

 20130515_mww_largeHello everyone, here’s this weeks roundup of business, tech and creative news from across the Moving World! Many thanks to all who submitted links!

Free-D printing
The great 3D printing debate has escalated over the past few weeks, mainly focused on the open access to gun printing. The worlds first fully working 3D printed gun was created, with blueprints already even available for download. (though later this was taken down by the US government). Pirate bay style download sites such as Makerbot and DEFCAD are now being warned against as potential dangerous sources where dangerous materials could be shared – threatening their ethos to a free and open internet where information is available to all.

On the other side of the coin, Disney is offering a new service where you can buy a 3D printed version of yourself as a Stormtrooper, though I’d personally go for the “cast yourself in Carbonite” option…

Driving sales
Electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors creates first profit in a decade of existence, outselling luxury competition from the likes of the Mercedes S-class, Audi A8 and BMW 7-series. They have achieved this partly through a unique business model which includes focus on online sales, which has sparked controversy from third party car dealerships, with North Carolina threatening to ban the car due to “unfair competition”. Regardless of this, the Tesla success is set to continue with international distribution starting soon.

NASA migrates the ISS operating system from Windows to Linux as they needed an operating system that was ‘stable and reliable’. The ISS was also the setting to an unexpected music video this week as Commander Chris Hadfield recorded Space Oddity whilst onboard. Hadfield has done more for space education and awareness than anyone since the Apollo missions, with an impressive use of social media from space. 

The film of the logo and the logo for the films
Creative Review are running a story on a topic that’s very close to our hearts, the film of the logo. The article charts the rise of studios realising their work must exist in a digital world, with video becoming an “important part in the show and tell experience”. We were glad to see this article, being a studio of strong believers of living identities – but feel this is an aspect that must be thought about from the start of the creative process – rather than a pure show and tell style device.

After the film of the logo… the logo for the films comes from Pentagram, as 21st Century Fox reveal new logo to represent the media and entertainment areas of the business.


Friend and MB client, Savile Row designer Patrick Grant unstitches Iron Man’s design evolution

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Edits to Wikipedia from around the world, visualised in real time

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Sorry Windows 8 was a bit rubbish” – says Microsoft…

Samsung’s 5G mobile claims played down by experts – Link thanks to @iamghettosmurf

Incredibly detailed drawing found on cup in car dealership, then posted to the net – Link thanks to Louis Dyke (@dykeyboy)

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‘Criminal Tagging’ – Instagram food pics lead to thieves arrest