Moving World Wednesday 20130619

Google Project Loon balloon on display at Airforce Museum in Christchurch

Hello everyone, here’s this weeks roundup of business, tech and creative news from across the Moving World! Many thanks to all who submitted links!



The US Supreme Court has ruled that human DNA cannot be patented, arguing that as it comes from nature, it is not appropriate to patent. This was celebrated by scientific, medical and social organisations, as this ruling ensures greater access to genetic testing by scientists without the worry of getting sued. It also was ruled that synthetically modified genes will be patentable, though, allowing methods of cloning to be patentable.


Google gone Loon-y

Google launches internet service Loon in rural New Zealand… literally in the cloud, on balloons. The project is intended to help people in rural and remote locations on Earth to have internet access. Due to the temperamental nature of the system, it will have to rely on weather predictions ensure the balloons are in the right location.


Art vs Design vs The World

A heated debate regarding art versus design has been ignited after the D&AD rejected the Sagmeister film ‘Now is Better’, stating to be eligible it needed to be “produced in response to a genuine brief” and “seeking an advertising or design solution”. Sagmeister argued that though it was in a gallery, it was still a design show, and answering to the brief from the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, leading to its reinstatement, and continuing the debate on whether the art and design worlds really need to be so segregated?



Google builds new system to eradicate child pornography from the web

Ron Dennis, McLaren F1 and the benefits of F1 technology (Link thanks to @iamghettosmurf)

Thunderbirds are go – BAE Systems releases secret 1960s designs (Link thanks to Mat)

Moving image instagrams? I think the internets about to implode…

19 year old hacker will not be stopped, when she was denied to go to America for Hacker school, she started her own in Kenya

There Will Be 11 Billion People On Earth In 2100

Mulberry profits fall for first time in four years after creative director Emma Hill announces her departure (Link thanks to Mat)

Smirnoff created a program which lets people create music only using the power of mind…

Football Club Recife video called “Immortal Fans”, winner at the Grand Prix for Promo & Activation (Link thanks to Julia Potter)

A High-Tech Street Sign That’s Plugged Into Social Media

PRISM fears give private search engine DuckDuckGo its best week ever


Best TV Edit ever

The best in dog grooming