Moving World Wednesday 20130626

Visitors are seen by their reflections as they pose on Argentine artist Leonardo Erlich's optical illusion installation "Dalston House" in east London

Hello everyone, here’s this weeks roundup of business, tech and creative news from across the Moving World! Many thanks to all who submitted links!


Sony and Disney have begun to release movies for stream in South Korea whilst they are playing in theatres, in an attempt to combat piracy. This is a move from the studios towards trying to gain a level of control over audiences who may want to watch new releases in the comfort of their own homes, without resorting to illegal downloads. It creates worries for the experiential side of the industry, as schemes such as this could prove fatal to the cinema industry as we know it.

In the same week, Warner Bros have admitted that piracy does help them in gauging what consumers want. They stated that demand on pirated content helps show them what programmes are most sought after by users and is leading them to believe that they can content with piracy by offering a better user experience. This is a great step in the corporation looking to what might frighten them, in order to better their output.


Using technology for swapping and exchanging of resources is another trend we have seen in the moving world this week. Tesla have announced that they believe that they can make battery a viable and time efficient way of re-charging car batteries. The model would involve changing charging stations into ‘swapping stations’, where drivers could get an instant refill via exchange.


The power of exchange has influenced another company, as StartUp Health Network Sirum, have created a service for unused medicine. This is a powerful idea, in an industry where $4-$5 billion is wasted on unused drugs every year in the US. Sirum aim to use technology to reappropriate this medicine to those truly in need of it. The startup has so far re-allocated 440,000 units (which would have cost $1.4 million) to date.


This story has been written by our fantastic work experience visitor Amrita, who has taken a break after GCSEs to come and experience what it’s like to work in the world of Moving Brands…

There is something peculiar about one house on Ashwin Street, East London… The new art installment which opened to visitors on the 24th June was created by the artist Leandro Erlich and portrays an illusion which looks as if visitors are suspended from a Victorian terrace house vertically. Erlich created this image by building a Victorian terrace house ‘set’ and placing a large mirror at a 45 degree angle above it thus creating a reflection. The project has been erected as part of the Beyond Barbican series and is open until 4th August 2013.

This is unlike any form of art I have seen previously and is a creative and interesting way of illustrating a Victorian house and the fact that it involves participation of visitors gives it an even more unique quality!


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