Moving World Wednesday 20130703


Hello everyone, here’s this weeks roundup of business, tech and creative news from across the Moving World! Many thanks to all who submitted links!


Watch the watch

Confirming rumours that have been around for months, Apple have applied to register the iWatch name. It would be the first tech product since the passing of Steve Jobs, and a big stake in the wearable technology ground, with the industry set to explode, expected to reach $30-$50 billion in the next 3-5 years.

In a less expected move, they have also hired former Yves Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve, with rumours linking him to this project in both marketing and fashion design remits. Parallels have been drawn with this project and their release of the game changing iPod in 2001, and anticipation is set for the iWatch to do the same  (Patents have been filed for Star Trek level disappearing bezels).


The Snapchat Network

The brains behind the massively popular Snapchat (which just raised $80m at an $800m pre-money valuation) have rolled up their sleeves and headed into court. Reggie Brown, who attended Stanford with the two other founders, is claiming he should be recognised as a co-founder of Snapchat. Whilst Spiegl and Murphy claim the lawsuit is “utterly devoid of merit”, court documentation has been released with some evidence that points to the contrary, which makes pretty interesting reading, not only into the legal aspect but also the app came to market.




The non rise of long copy ads

When everything we do is recorded and remembered by our technology, what role does memory have?

Bebo’s founder has bought the company back for $1m, after AOL bought it for $850m in 2008..

One of the Culprits Behind PRISM? Design Thinking (Really)

New home sensors will keep you up to date on how much water and power you’re wasting

New Google Glass app lets Tesla owners control their car “like rich-ass robo wizards” (unmatchable headline)

Windows 8.1 to have native support for 3D printing

So, how long will this #HashtagMarketingCraze Last?

Man implants magnets into his ears to create permanent, invisible headphones



Why use Dropbox when you could use PRISM?