Moving World Wednesday 20130724


Hello everyone, here’s this weeks roundup of business, tech and creative news from across the Moving World! Many thanks to all who submitted links!


Hack job

This week Apple announced that its Developer centre has been breached by hackers. The first incident of its kind for the tech giants, they announced that “we have not been able to rule out the possibility that some developers’ names, mailing addresses and/or email addresses may have been assessed” after 3 days of the site being inexplicably down. There have since been reports that a security researcher Ibrahim Balic has claimed to be the party behind the hack, stating that he did it to prove Apple the site was vulnerable to an attack, before reporting all bugs to the company.

In the same week, Google Glass has been hacked with imagery along. The image hack uses the QR recognition capabilities within the Glass. Researchers from the company behind the hack have blogged about it on their site, linking the hack to wider areas of significance for the internet of things.


Keep on including design

After the design-relegating idea to scrap GCSEs for English BACs was overturned there has since been a massive step forward for the future of design in the National Curriculum. Even after these plans were overturned in February after Michael Gove said they were “a bridge too far”, there were still plans to lump cooking and gardening into a design & technology program. But this week, following considerable pressure from the design world from the likes of James Dyson and the #includedesign campaign, the National Curriculum for design looks much more positive with pupils being given access to 3D printers, computer modeling and contextual studies of contemporary and past designers. MBs Tim went down to The Design Council to find out more about The Skills Academy for Design, a new initiative aimed connecting the design industry to design education. He said, “That evening reminded us that of course the industry should be involved. It’s fun and re-energising to get involved helping young designers figure out how to forge a career in the design industry.”


3D Times 3

Everything is more 3D than usual this week after we heard that key patents currently preventing any competition in the industry will expire 2014. So next year could be the year that we all have 3D printers on our desks and make just about anything we want. Also, the award winning Muji Go Campaign by Japanese creative agency Party said that as part of its campaign, one family will win a trip to their dream destination where they will be met with a 3D printed miniature version of themselves; a bit freaky? Finally, this week we heard the ways 3D printers could benefit humans and animals alike, from prosthetic hawk beaks to hermit crab shells, the opportunities for 3D printing just keep going on.



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Leap Motion finally launched its 3D gesture controller this week, boasting 200 times more precision than Microsoft’s original Kinect peripheral

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