Moving World Wednesday 2013/10/02


Hello everyone, here’s this week’s roundup of business, tech and creative news from across the Moving World! Many thanks to all who submitted links!


(d)i-Et Coke

Apple replaces Coca-Cola as ‘world’s most valuable brand’ after the tasty fluid lasted thirteen sugar fuelled years at the top. Apple is now valued at a colossal $98.3 billion, 28% higher than last year. Elsewhere on the list, other fast rising brands included Facebook, Prada, Google and Amazon.

The technology sector continues to dominate the rankings and luxury brands are maintaining strength despite the slowing of markets in Asia. Nine brands within the automotive sector have seen double digit growth, and with eight of the eleven financial services brands seeing an increase in ‘brand value’; consumer confidence appears to be on the rise.


Thomas Microwave

The Travel Agents Thomas Cook unveiled their new brand this week, proudly stating “We have not paid expensive consultants or spent lots of money on this brand unification, although we have used additional resources where necessary.” This bold statement follows the recent ‘two day’ rebrand of Yahoo, showing a trend for brands scared of the backlash that a change to a familiar brand can sometimes create.


Google Web Designer

Google have launched Web Designer, a visual coding tool to allow users to rapidly build HTML5/canvas based websites. Whilst the application can create full pages, it seems focussed on easing the creation of adverts – allowing users to create and publish adverts straight to Google Ads.

The app is Google’s stake in the ground against other services such as Adobe Muse that aim to simplify the creation of responsive, animated webpages as front end technologies get ever more complicated. However, it makes us wonder if the tool will make users fall foul of basic coding errors as they jump straight into the deep end “making websites without writing a single line of code”. Last week MB’s Ben L attended a Javascript course run by Steer in London, and learnt how to make scrolling, parallax, interactive websites from scratch – whilst the learning curve might be steeper, this approach seems much more sensible as it ultimately gives you full understanding of what you build.


You may have missed

Nasa’s ‘Asteroid watch’ Twitter account is put on hold by US government shutdown, as is their instagram


Huawei starts it’s experimental management structure, with a new CEO every 6 months to remain nimble


All new homes in Palo Alto will now need an electric car charging port


One-third of the UK population now uses a tablet on a monthly basis


An interesting post explaining that fingerprints should be usernames, not passwords.


IKEA to start selling flat pack solar panels for consumers to install themselves


You will soon be able to use your phones during takeoff and landing


A school in Kent is using its students movements to generate electricity


Examples of product-design-pushing from the ‘Weird Sony’ years


Why the next big thing in computing is conversation


A new Kickstarter project will turn sketches into prototypes automagically


The slow, profitable death of GMs large SUVs


This vending machine uses cloud technology to personalize your purchases


NASA to launch 3D Printer into Space in 2014



The worlds craziest, 3D-printiest toothbrush