Moving World Wednesday 20131007

20130710_mww_largeHello everyone, here’s this weeks roundup of business, tech and creative news from across the Moving World! Many thanks to all who submitted links!


Appy Birthday

The app store celebrated its 5th birthday this week. From it’s initial launch with just 500 apps, it has caused a huge change in how consumers find and download content in such a short space of time, and created many multi-millionaires out of an industry that didn’t exist 10 years ago. To celebrate Apple have released a selection of apps free for a limited time, and even managed to come to a truce with Amazon over the “app store” trademark.

Statistics released this week show to over 800 apps are downloaded every second, with Apple CEO Tim Cook telling developers that they “had helped fundamentally changed the world”.


Mad ad fads

What you lookin’ at? New ads with face recognition are being rolled out across Europe, which claim to be able to identify the gender and rough age of viewers for targeted advertising in the physical world.

Also this week, a new campaign sends ads directly into your brain… To promote Sky Go, transmitters were stuck to windows on public transport. These sent out high frequency vibrations, so when passengers pressed their face upon the windows they heard audio of verbal messages.


Samsung Fail

Jay Z launched his new album via Android app, resulting in what has been dubbed a massive #Samsungfail. The app has various problems including download difficulty and requiring users to reveal their location and post pre-scripted updates to Twitter or Facebook in order to access the promised exclusive content.

It was also cloned by hackers to spread anti government messages, protesting against the NSA scandal. Upon download of the app, an image of Obama wearing headphones appears, with ‘Yes we scan’ written underneath.



The new Google Map — from the people who brought you Google Maps! (Link thanks to Michael Meyer)


Julian Assange speaks on behalf of the power of Bitcoin but how probable is mass adoption of bitcoin beyond current fans?


The world’s second richest man has backed song recognition app Shazam, with a $40 million investment, looking to extend the service into TV advertising


5D optical memory in glass could record the last evidence of civilization


An MIT Project That Lets You Spy On Yourself


A study which proves Twitter has a lead time on news sources


Now Everyone’s an E-tailer – the new wave of tools enabling people to set up simple online stores


Washington State’s marijuana logo dropped as it was deemed too weed-friendly


Google Wallet is currently offering discounts to try and increase brand recognition for its payment service.



Rebrand oops for Ernst and Young