Moving World Wednesday 2013/10/30


Hello everyone, here’s this week’s roundup of business, tech and creative news from across the Moving World! Many thanks to all who submitted links!

Building Blocks

In a recent Moving World Wednesday we mentioned a concept for a modular, user repairable and upgradeable mobile phone concept called Phonebloks. This concept resolves the pitfalls of the rapidly outdated, one-size-fits all approach of phone hardware manufacturers.  Whilst some in the tech industry raised their eyebrows at the technical feasibility, it seems that Motorola have seen potential in the idea. Recently bought by Google, Motorola have released the Ara concept (in partnership with Phonebloks), a platform to further the concept.

The partnership with Motorola is a slight departure for Phonebloks, as it appears the core hardware will remain static, however this makes it much more technically achievable. Nonetheless the ability for paramedics to add specialist modules, or festival goers to replace the camera with an extra battery module is a nicely disruptive addition to the industry.


Adobe have fallen victim to a cyber attack, resulting in the theft of data from 38 million accounts, (up from original reports that three million people had been affected). All users have been contacted and urged to change their password details, but there are concerns that, for people who use the same password for other personal accounts, this could be the beginning of a much bigger issue.

Double glazing

Google posted pictures of the new Google Glass, with… not much change at all. The most significant updates are it is compatible with prescription glasses, and a dangling ear plug (which reminds us more of a kitchen sink plug than anything…)

The product is currently being trialled by a team of software developers named ‘Glass Explorers,’ whose feedback is informing development and modifications for the second release. Google are now expanding this programme to friends of the original community of explorers. Explorers have been given 14 days to recommend the product to 3 friends or family members. There is a catch, though, that potential explorers must be US residents who are able to pick up their Glass from New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles.

You may have missed

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