Moving World Wednesday 2013/11/27


Hello everyone, here’s this week’s roundup of business, tech and creative news from across the Moving World! Many thanks to all who submitted links!

Console-idated News

Last week the new Xbox One and PS4 went on sale internationally with both manufacturers reporting the sale of over 1 million units on launch day. The PS4 has been feeling the heat with many users reporting severe overheating on first run and/or HDMI port problems that require their console to be returned… with no replacement stock available. Meanwhile some Xbox One’s have a disc drive in need of exorcism.

The console market is exceptionally competitive with a surprisingly low profit margin. At launch, Sony is making $14 profit on the $399 PS4 whilst Microsoft brings in $28 on the $499 Xbox. Both companies are making a concerted effort to move into the living room with media playback and sharing of game feeds – Microsoft have started banning gamers who use profanity in streams, a move which could alienate older users… with living rooms.

The living/gaming/streaming space looks to get increasingly competitive. We have previously written about the Steam Box, which is nearing release, and Apple have just confirmed their purchase of PrimeSense, the inventors of the original Kinect, for a yet-to-be disclosed reason.


█████ ████████ ████

With the NSA scandals slowly dropping from the press, the piracy legislation is rearing its censored head again – the EU is following the UK with the announcement of laws to force ISPs to block pirated content.

The anti-piracy movement has prompted businesses to host their sites in Switzerland, where it is legal to host and distribute pirated content. Netflix are yet to launch in the country, leading to an even wider proliferation of illegal sources. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the US, who are leaning on the country to block piracy leading to ISPs, stating, “we reject the monitoring of Internet traffic on principle, because to have exceptions opens a dangerous door”.

Given the ability for a group of Year 7 students to bypass enterprise level filters to get to, it’s not surprising that many are wondering why such lengths are being made when the design of the internet makes all attempts inherently bypassable. Some are connecting the dots between piracy and active monitoring of internet activity, leading to Big Daddy-Internet (Tim Berners-Lee) to make a statement on the future of the internet democracy.



Our internet usage is getting exponentially more visual and media-rich; we share more and consume more photos and video content than ever before. This has caused a massive strain on internet connections in large cities with unscalable, red-tape laden infrastructure holding up development. Many cities are now demanding fiber internet from suppliers, and companies such as Netflix are finding their HD services affected by lacking connections.

Emerging markets aren’t facing the same issues, as they’re able to create infrastructure from scratch. The next country to get Google Fiber will be Uganda. Without legacy hardware to phase out or update, these markets are rolling out 4G and fiber faster and more cost effectively than more traditionally connected countries, with Google leading the charge to tap into the potential ad revenue.


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