Moving World Wednesday 2013/12/18


Hello everyone, here’s this week’s roundup of business, tech and creative news from across the Moving World! Many thanks to all who submitted links!


Privacy rules

2013, year of the whistleblow, really made us pull our heads out of the sand and realise just how closely we’re being watched across all our digital devices. Edward Snowden’s acts  appear to have had the effect he intended; a court has recently ruled the NSA surveillance program is “likely unlawful,” and public awareness on this subject is at an all time high.


We’re seeing more articles on the theme – such as CNN’s “What your wireless carrier knows about you” and The New York Times’ Internet’s Sad Legacy: No More Secrets, which urges technologists to be the ones who create the tools to give humans privacy in our digital age. Meanwhile apps like Snapchat and Telegram (dubbed Snapchat for grownups) are growing in popularity, due to their promise of encrypted, self-destroying and secure messaging options.


‘Don’t be evil’

Google has bought Boston Dynamics, the creators of animal-like military machines, such as Big Dog. This is Google’s eighth robotics acquisition, which leads to the question – why does Google need so many robots? Speculation suggests they could be used to limit human employment in manufacturing industries, in the collection of data in territories humans cannot reach (like space), or in the continued development of wearable technology. Could robots be behind the next incarnation of Google Glass?


The project is said to sit amongst the companies Moonshot projects, a name given to Google’s experimental projects such as self-driving cars and project loon. Have a look at some of the robots here.


Round up round up!

This time of year we always look back with rose tinted (non-google) glasses upon the year that was, so here is a round-up of some of the round-ups of 2013. Have a look back through the year through the medium of apps, memes, tablets, youtubes or search trends (deaths, births and product releases). If separate lists are too much too handle, why don’t gaze upon everything that happened in 2013 in one image.


For those of you who don’t like looking backwards, here are a few future focused ones. Wondering what the 10 Startups to watch next year will be? Or will 2014 be the year the tech bubble bursts entirely? Wonder no more, future friends. Have a very happy holiday and see you (and your moon boots) on the other side.


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