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Hello everyone, here’s this week’s roundup of business, tech and creative news from across the Moving World! Many thanks to all who submitted links!



Elon Musk, the man who Tony Stark’s character was based on for the Iron Man films, unveiled plans for his 800 mph, NY to LA in 45 minute travelling magnet, air and sun powered tube train. Called the Hyperloop, Musk thinks this could be the 5th mode of transport after trains, planes, cars and boats and his plans were explained in a 57-page document “avoiding formulas and jargon” released this week. It would be a solar powered, elevated railway enclosed inside a low pressure, low friction tube meaning it’s very fast. Carrying both people and cars it would do London to Edinburgh in less than 30 minutes with pods leaving every 30 seconds. The co-founder of PayPal turned rocket scientist said he was inspired to develop the idea after California State approved a $70 billion construction plan for a much slower rail system, when his 800 mph one would cost just $6 billion. With his other commitments in Tesla Motors and SpaceX however, the inventor is unlikely to build the network himself, which he said could be done in 7-10 years. He is hoping others will take up the challenge with him so it can be an “open source design” that keeps improving to gradually make the world a more Iron Man-like place.


BlackBerry for sale

What used to be the global leader in the smartphone market has gone up for sale this week after plummeting sales and numerous failed facelifts. With Apple, Samsung and Google leading the way, BlackBerry couldn’t keep up. It suffered a near 50% loss in US market share in 2009 as well as $84 million in the last quarter and announced 5000 layoffs last year. Since the iPhone arrived in 2007, Blackberry relied on its connections with the business community but it didn’t work. With the arrival of Google Android, BlackBerry fell further behind with crashes of the BBM messaging system to add. Following the iPad, they launched the PlayBook; also a massive failure. After the positively reviewed BlackBerry 10 operating system was launched it seemed too little too late. Carolina Melanesi, analyst at Gartner said: “They were the first to the market, they created the smartphone as we know it, they just didn’t see what was coming next.” With few analysts expecting a turnaround, BlackBerry might be left a vintage tech brand of the past like the DreamCast or Psalm V, unless some big fruit company investors come along.


Robert Downey Jr to front HTC

To bring the above stories harmoniously together, phone maker HTC has recruited Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr to front their global ad campaign. In what is reported to be a $12 million contract for Hollywood’s highest paid actor, it is HTC’s largest ever marketing investment. Maybe they are looking to fill the gap left by BlackBerry and with their “Here’s to change” strapline, they will hopefully do what BlackBerry couldn’t; adapt to survive in an ever-competitive mobile marketplace.   


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  • Lee Douglas

    45 minutes is a bit ambitious for NY to LA. average speed would be in excess of 3000mph! It’s San Francisco to LA in 30 minutes.