Moving World Wednesday 2014/01/08


Happy New Year everyone! Here’s this week’s roundup of business, tech and creative news from across the Moving World! Many thanks to all who submitted links!



It’s that time of year again. The global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow CES 2014 is upon us and the focus this year is undoubtedly wearable technology, with watches, headbands, armbands, glasses and jewellery on show. Health and wellbeing are a common theme across all devices, as this wearable technology fun run shows. Many products are still rather gimmicky (and living on the arms and heads of some of the models isn’t really helping) but the investigation into this area can only lead to more usable, wearable tech ideas.


Elsewhere at the convention, LG have launched a talking washing machine, Makerbot released a new digital store which has been dubbed the ‘iTunes of 3D printing,’ and Netflix announced they would be streaming series two of House of Cards in 4K, despite worries about systems unable to support that level of quality.



Intel have removed John McAfee’s name from their security software products, removing any association with the fugitive and his recent bare chested, gun touting and stripper-befriending antics. The name is set to be replaced with the uninspired, but arguably future-scandal proof, “Intel Security”.


McAfee himself is overjoyed with the decision, naming the company he founded before leaving in 1994, “the worst software on the planet.’ He is currently said to be working on a device that protects your computer from the NSA, due for release in 2014.


2014, as we knew it

The CES of yesteryear, 1964’s World Fair, inspired an article containing predictions from Isaac Asimov about how the world would look today. It’s surprisingly on the money (or digital currency, sorry).


Read the full article here, where Asimov correctly predicts our world of sight-sound communications, cordless electric, automatic meal preparation, self-driving cars and 3D screens. Most worrying, but certainly relatable, is his prediction that “mankind will suffer badly from the disease of boredom, a disease spreading more widely each year and growing in intensity.”


Finally; “The most glorious single word in the vocabulary will have become work in our society of enforced leisure.”


…Replace ‘work’ with ‘twerk’ and that’s a pretty accurate summary of 2013.



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