Moving World Wednesday 20140205


Hello! Here’s this week’s roundup of business, tech and creative news from across the Moving World! Many thanks to all who submitted links and a special thanks to Jed this week for his literary skills!


New boss

News just in: Bill Gates has stepped down as chairman of Microsoft, and Satya Nadella has been named the new CEO, replacing Steve Ballmer. Indian-born poetry-reading Nadella is little known outside of the company, but has been an employee for 20 years, working in a wide range of roles, the last being head of Cloud and Enterprise. Nadella, 46, said in a statement (and ‘hey there guys’ style bio) on the Microsoft site, “The opportunity ahead for Microsoft is vast, but to seize it, we must focus clearly, move faster and continue to transform”. Nadella has been described as ‘tough’ and ‘visionary’, so here’s hoping he can bring a bit more risk-taking to the tech giant.


Dot Shabaka

In a historically significant move for the world wide web, new changes to internet domain-names mean websites are no-longer restricted to familiar suffixes like ‘.com’ and ‘’. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has begun rolling-out over 1000 new top-level global domain names, such as ‘.management’, ‘.sexy’ and significantly, domain names with non-Latin characters like the Arabic ‘.شبكة’ , meaning ‘shabaka’ or ‘web’. The influx of new domain name suffixes marks a change in the way users navigate the web, with less emphasis on intuitive ‘.com’ domain names and increasing use of search engines and visual bookmarking.


Reactions to the new changes have been mixed. Large corporations are desperately competing for key domain names, while many small start-ups relish the opportunity to create more distinct web-addresses.


Paper beats everything

This week saw the 10th anniversary of Facebook, and with it a new milestone in the social networking giant’s continuing quest to aggregate everything in the known universe into a single personalised feed. Newly released in the US, Facebook Paper is an app that integrates your news feed with other sources in a stripped-back style that is reminiscent of Flipboard and Medium. The app is the first product from Facebook Creative Labs, an innovation unit within the company tasked with creating new types of media experiences.


The team behind Paper used a custom-built tool called Origami, helping to develop the movement, interactions and overall feel of the app quickly without writing code. It has been released as a free patch that integrates with Quartz Composer, a visual programming language and part of the Xcode suite of developer tools in Mac OS X. More detail about designing in Quartz Composer and Paper can be found on the blog of Facebook product design director Julie Zhuo, while a guide to prototyping using Xcode can be found here.


You may have missed

Cancer Research UK has released a game for users to contribute to vital research, without even knowing it. You may remember MB’s Tim attended the Hack Day which helped create this tool.


Google to investors: We still care about hardware. Just not boring phones (Link thanks to Aki)


Apple sets out to redefine mobile health fitness tracking


Why Google has 200m reasons to put engineers over designers


China sends panorama from the moon


Amazon Prime Was too good to be true after all


Netflix CEO Confesses he tried to sell the company to Blockbuster … but Blockbuster wasn’t interested


A surprise visit for Jessie J