Moving World Wednesday 20140416



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Wally Olins remembered

A sad day for our industry as we see the passing of Wally Olins at age 83. He was a pioneer, who along with Michael Wolff, changed the design industryheyo

introducing the concept of a design consultancy and creating iconic brands, most famously rebranding British Telecom into BT. Michael Wolff has paid tribute to his old partner, telling a wonderful story of how in the early days of their studio they created a poster for the window which read “We lead and others follow”, a sentiment which became more true than they could have ever known.

MB’s senior copywriter Philip Browning remembers his time with Wally fondly, remembering this story in particular: “My first day at Wolff Olins, Wally asked me the difference between discrete and discreet. I suspect he was just toying with me but he made me feel he had learned from me. For the next 10 years the direction and learning was all the other way: Wally to me. He was a good mentor.”


Blink and you’ll miss it

Extra! Extra! Get your Google Glass here for one day only, as US residents were able to buy the tech specs for just one day on April 15th. Google had only previously available to invited ‘explorers’ for very limited beta testing, but for one day the offer was opened up to the general public for the hefty sum of $1500. Inevitably, they sold out of spots on the programme quickly, first selling out of the always popular ‘cotton’ colourway.

Didn’t get any? No worries, there are other options, as Ellen Degeneres proves showing off her $14 “Google Glasses”. If those aren’t doing it for you, then you may not have to wait much longer, as Google are planning for a full consumer launch for Glass before the end of the year.


You take the thigh road, I’ll take the glow

Are you ready for the next innovation in the history of the highway? Yes? In the Netherlands a 500 metre stretch of road has been painted with prototype glow-in-the-dark road markings. Studio Roosegaarde has been steering the idea since 2012.. The paint has been specially-developed, absorbing light during the day in order to glow after dark. The idea paves the way for a highway system with far fewer energy-guzzling streetlights, offering considerable savings in power-consumption, maintenance and light-pollution.

Meanwhile, Transport for London have revealed a data set of cyclists’ movements from the bike-share initiative, featuring the start and end points of journeys. Concerns over privacy have been raised as “all that’s needed to work out who this profile belongs to is one bit of connecting information”. The dataset is published as part of a commitment to improving transparency, but raises the important question of how organisations ensure the privacy of users while sharing valuable data.


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