Moving World Wednesday 23/01/2013

Happy Moving World Wednesday, here are your latest news, views and lols for the moving world!

Arrr, this week has been a week for piracy. A music survey conducted by Google and Columbia University has revealed that uses of P2P software (for downloading music illegally) actually purchase 30% more content that non-P2P. You may remember the arrest of Kim Dotcom last year, who was arrested last year for providing copyright infringement on a large scale through his site, Megaupload. The arrest, and subsequent failing by the FBI to follow procedure (ultimately leading to charges being dropped), has generated a huge amount of media interest and free PR for Dotcom, who launched his new private, secure filesharing site MEGA this week. The launch event at his New Zealand mansion, with fakeFBI helicopters and dancers, was given air time and print space across the globe. The site reached 1 million new years within 24 hours, making it the fastest growing internet startup in history.

Keeping your content private rather than available has been a concern for Google, as they – declare war on the lowly password in Minority report style saying; “We’d like your smartphone or smartcard-embedded finger ring to authorize a new computer via a tap on the computer, even in situations in which your phone might be without cellular connectivity.”

There have been a lot of interesting job-ppertunities emerging this week as boundaries between job descriptions merge even further. Microsoft hired Andrew Kim, the student who created ‘The Next Microsoft’, a much shared rebrand self-initiated project based on the company. He is due to start work in the XBOX division after one of the strangest job application processes of all time. Wolff Olins have announced an interesting new employee strategy, having a cultural exchange of some sort, and inviting creative directors from other industries to work with their creative teams. The first to take on the honor is Dan Germain, known for his direction and his ‘i’m a bottle’ tone-of-voice for Innocent smoothies. Read more about the initiative on their blog. If those sound like too much actual work for you, how about this ad which emerged this week, to be a footballer’s personal tweeter for a salary of £45,000. Also for this job you must be happy to “be happy to travel every week – usually to away games within Europe but sometimes further afield”. Tough life.

And now the brands of the week. American Airlines launched a rebrand, which completely updated their classic logo which had been with them for the last 40 years. Nivia launched their brand ‘refresh’, with a controversially (for some, mainly those on design blogs) exaggerated space between the N and the I, which nods back to the history of the mark. The much mourned HMV has been given a lifeline by restructuring specialist Hilco who have acquired their debt in an attempt to save the shop who declared bankruptcy last week.


Google’s Larry Page says Facebook are doing bad things.

Geopals launches fitness monitoring for the whole family (thanks Julia!)

A first look at Silvercar, the tech focused car rental company with experience at its core.

– This gym floor uses LED lights to change game and show penalties.

– In case you ever wondered how a key works, here’s how.


New Yorkers checking themselves out