Moving World Wednesday 28/11/2012

When the world continues to move, then Tuesday continues to Wednesday, you put those things together… and you get… Moving World Wednesday the 20121128 edition!

Thanksgiving Day online traffic increased 71% in 2012 versus 2011.
Retail traffic also increased 46% on Thanksgiving Day 2012 versus the day before.

News stories of a secret internet governance meeting are emerging
and take a stand against it with Google….

Big cloud: Google integrates Drive into Gmail, allowing files up to 10GB to be shared.

Starbucks employ some cultural tactics in China

There’s an app for that…Investors may be tiring of mobile apps

GE aquires LED start up

3D printer prints cartilage

Humanity has peaked. Using tech to wirelessly monitor cows methane production

Systems managements: Driving innovation should be the main objective

Google ‘Responsible for other peoples lives’ deems Australian court

Funding good design is officially mainstream (link thanks to Aki) launches thing. Continues to make the world a weird place

Art in the digital age

Worst name ever for an Apple employee

An almighty Hashtag Fail

Would you accept this friend request?