Moving World Wednesday 31/10/2012

Here is your weekly dose of news and views from the Moving World, but considering today is Halloween, it’s been given a slightly spooky makeover…

Internet speed has doubled from an average of 1.5mbps in 2010 to 3mbps today
But an estimated 25% of the UK population still cannot get a 3G signal (More at The Guardian )

EE launch UK’s first 4G network in the UK and what that means for mass adoption of mobile payments

Facebook as reassurance machine during Hurricane Sandy

25 years of Ikea in UK and how its changed British lives

Man uses crowdsourced information to find a cure for his diagnosed cancer

Scientists have learned that crows intelligence can be autonomous, implying a brain can be inherently intelligent rather than learned *mind goes pop*

Given tablets with no instructions or teachers, children teach themselves

In Billions of Years, Aliens Will Find These Photos in a Dead Satellite

How one photographer is sharing the US election through Instagram

The rise of Google as a public service is a lesson to other brands

MB Blog Post on the D&AD lecture last week – The ‘Digital Revolution 2.0’ is happening but what does that mean for design?


New blog citing interesting examples of movements in interaction design

Try before you buy furniture app (thanks to Julia)

Encounter the sounds of the Earth through a sphere shaped record by Yuri Suzuki

Stunning video high and low from Go Pro (thanks to Scott)

COLS (otherwise known as ‘cackles out loud’)
The outfit that won Halloween

See in the new year with this Disappointment Diary from Jim Sutherland and Nick Asbury