Moving World Wednesday *OLYMPICS MEGA MIX*

Welcome to a Moving World Wednesday **Olympics Mega Mix** – built with all the dynamism of the Opening Ceremony, the precision of LOCOG and the clarity of an Olympic lane at rush hour.

(Only two of these are true. But which ones? Answers on a postcard)

In 1908 Britain took all three podium places in Tug of War.

Since 2011, there has been a 15% increase in people dressed in sportswear running round London with flaming torches.

Male athletes are not permitted to compete in either rhythmic gymnastics or synchronized swimming because these are considered “lady sports”.


Graffiti artist employed by official Olympic sponsor, Adidas, banned from games venues and owning paint

The Drum offers an official guide to unofficially sponsoring the Olympics

MB’s Ellen wrote a cracking blog post about various sponsor language and imagery


Art student 3D prints “God’s slippers” – the world’s fastest running shoes

That Big Event in London totes are totes the must-have tote today


Creative Review is doing an Olympic special edition – one for the future coffee tables of our future grandchildren


Mad decent promo vid for the Paralympics

The BBC does its bit to make out that complete corporate domination has always been part of the Olympics

Muse? Whatever. Freddie Mercury really brought the Olympic music magic in 1992
(see left)


Nice interactive map of London using Foursquare data to show hotspots for eating, drinking and fun times during the Games


Twenty twelve digital strategy

Lord Cog Twitter feed makes LOCOG seem a little like Voldemort