Clutching onto youth whilst flailing into adulthood

JoseIn April 2015 Moving Brands’ marketing team got a little bit bigger. Josie Dougoud, student and aspiring marketeer joined us for two weeks to gain insight into the design industry and our world, here she comments on her time at MB.

Part and parcel of any degree is testing your knowledge in a work-based environment.  As many students may agree, this is quite often a moment that fills you with trepidation as you realise it’s unacceptable to watch Netflix all day and wake up in the afternoon anymore. Here, I am referring to me, panicking and realising that I am actually becoming an adult; if you are currently in a pile of CVs or picking your first day outfit it is likely that this is you too. But don’t fear! – I am going to share what I learnt as an Intern at Moving Brands to reassure you that it really isn’t all that bad.

As an anxious over thinker, I had most of the common apprehensions when starting my placement, will I fit in? Will I be any good? Will I have a breakdown? But the first thing I learnt is that you need to be prepared, to be unable to prepare. The truth is that you will never know what will be expected of you, you just have to be willing to learn. I was expecting to be barked at and told to make cups of coffees all day (blame the movies) but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

My experience at Moving Brands proved to me that all my preconceptions were wrong and providing that you select a company whose ethos is compliant with your own and motivational people surround you, the experience is invaluable. I was given the opportunity to get involved with various channels, projects and publications as well as improving my writing and digital skills.  The team were always encouraging and approachable, making it the perfect environment for me to learn. I had always seen internships as a test rather than a learning experience, which had inevitably set me up for unnecessary nerves and panic. My perceptions have now changed and rather than regarding new placements as a threat, I now see them as an opportunity. But it hasn’t been all work and no play- I am so grateful to have met such an amazing group of people, and of course Biff, the best office puppy ever.

So, my advice to any of you going through the same ordeal as me? Embrace the city-lifestyle thing (think Carrie Bradshaw) and aim high. Take the risk and apply even if you feel the company is out of your reach, let them decide whether you are right for the job. It is likely that you will experience a placement that isn’t for you and that’s fine because its all part of the journey, so don’t settle- believe in yourself and step out of your comfort zone.

So I am at that age of clutching onto youth yet flailing into adulthood, but I will happily ditch the Netflix and the lay ins if anywhere is half as good as Moving Brands.

Josie Dougoud (far left in above photo)


  • MReyesG

    Cool! How old is Josie? I just finished high school and want to intern!