Need. Coffee.

CoffeeYou Brits may be able to live on tea and tea alone, but over here in the San Francisco studio there are a couple members of staff with whom its inadvisable to interact until they’ve had their morning cup of coffee. The local SF favorite coffee brand is Blue Bottle but it’s known around the studio as “Jet Fuel”.

Today I was asked to make an emergency coffee run so that the studio could continue to function properly. When I was first assigned to the task it felt like an appropriate intern job and I was happy to get out into the beautiful weather we’ve been having. Weaving through traffic on my 1980 Raleigh Reliant I felt like a bicycle messenger on an urgent errand. Loading bag after bag of aromatic beans into my pack I felt like a smuggler with a load of contraband (especially with names like Yirg YCFCU Peaberry, and Ethiopia Kemgin). Arriving back, coffee in hand, shouts of jubilation resounded through the studio as I was hoisted onto shoulders and carried around in a celebratory parade!

Cups were brewed. Milk? Sugar? Work resumed.


  • We drink a mid-morning cup of coffee here at All About Tea too so I think you can be forgiven.

  • Leigh

    PAULLLL to the rescue!!! Sounds familiar…