Nest and the power of pretty practicality

Nest Protect 1

As Nest launched their new Protect smoke alarm, the MB London and SF teams weighed in on email about how useful it might be.

James Bull – infamous internally for his prediction that the internet would never amount to anything – had this to say:

“Nest is simply a way to say “I hate badly designed things, I like well designed things, and I can afford well designed things” to yourself and your guests.

“Designer” items for the home is a very attractive prop for a lot of people. Furniture, textiles, ceramics, flooring, etc have all been obtainable for years, but there have not been designer items like smoke alarms, thermostats, door locks, padlocks, fuse boxes, light switches etc. Or at least very few options.

Nest is changing this. But it will not be the only player. My prediction: even more expensive, more highly designed home items will roll onto the market over the next few years.

I expect to see the likes of:
– Louis Vuitton door handles
– Herman Miller light switches
– Jaeger-LeCoultre egg timers
– Rolex smoke alarms
– Celine electornic toothbrushes
– Miu Miu fuse boxes”

Who’s buying James’ prediction? And if so, will you be buying blingware for the home?