New Blood does Moving Brands

Tara Lazenby and Sarah Beatty

Hello! Your blogger for today is Tara, interning with Moving Brands for a week. As a recent graduate this has been a great chance for me to get involved within a agency that takes branding to the next level and allows for the chance to be as bold and creative as you possibly can!

Today, Moving Brands opened its doors to 6 students for a D&AD New Blood workshop. Three hours of mingling with creatives and trying our hand at tackling a brief similar to one that the agency may come against proved to be a very successful morning.

Kicking off in reception we started with a brief tour and talk about what Moving Brands is all about then moved on to a Q&A session with two junior designers, one of which is an ex New Blooder! With help from Ian and Jon it was then a chance to get stuck into the brief. Working in pairs it was exciting to see how many different ideas can evolve from one starting point. With outcomes focusing on emotional engagement to product interaction, the workshop moved through each stage of the creative process from research to pitch. Comments and feedback from Jon and Ian were very useful in pushing us to think beyond what technology can offer now to what we would like from technology in the future.

Lastly was a chance for us to network with the guys from the studio. Firing questions at them and getting portfolio crits is always important for any new graduate and so being able to pinch 30 minutes of their time was great.

All in all a good day that I think everyone involved gained something from, whether it be some good advice, invaluable contact or a free sandwich…


  • Glad to help out! The day was a brilliant experience to discover and learn what MB was about, and I enjoyed every minute of it! Hope our ideas were of use to Jon and Ian (I’ll be posting something to them very soon that’s a little more…substantial).

    In the meantime, keep in touch as I’d definitely like to become more involved with MB in the near future. Take care,