New NIKE Store Harajuku, Tokyo


Just had a chance to visit a new NIKE flagship store in Harajuku – one of the most popular shopping districts in Tokyo. It’s surprisingly the first flagship store for Japan and unlike other NIKE flagships, this was designed by Japanese designer Masamichi Katayama (Wonderwall).

Interesting things about this store are not only that they put large spaces dedicated to NIKEiD studio and football gear (Bootroom) but also included many art-like objects made from their products throughout the store – hundreds of white NIKE sneakers suspended from the roof of the second floor, a chandelier made of racing tags, one of the walls was made with black rubber soles cut into square tiles, and a “Just Do It” sign made from foot molds.

I believe the flagship store is the “living brand” – it has products, graphics, messaging, people and their voice. All the elements of the brand are in one place, just as everything in the store is also a reflection of the brand. People in the store might not see them, but they will feel the brand from all the details and elements.

In that perspective, I have to say I really liked a feeling of the store. It was simple but playful. Only thing that felt strange was that there were men in dark suits greeting at the both entrances to the store. They might be there because of the store opening but they didn’t go with image of NIKE or sports at all…

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