New year, new gadgets


We start the year with a January packed with news of the latest releases and concepts from the world’s largest tech companies at the CES show in Las Vegas. Recent years have been dominated largely by tablets, smartphones and cloud computing. This year’s show made a refreshing change – there was the excitement of working examples of the Internet of Things and the convergence of the automotive and tech industries.

Big names like BMW, Tesla and Audi showed off self-driving, collision-avoiding, luxury machines, promising that the experience of driving is set to change dramatically in the coming years. As Chevrolet and Tesla announced newer, cheaper electric vehicles, Toyota dramatically released a host of patents to promote the use of its competing hydrogen car infrastructure, following a similar move by Tesla last year.

We saw the unveiling and demo of ZBoard 2, the 25mph motorised skateboard, Audi’s WebOS powered smartwatch (that has purpose beyond fitness tracking), the latest in smart TV technology from the likes of Sharp and Samsung (with the occasional 8K TV popping up) and murmurs of the new Quantum Dot TV technology. Plus, Virtual Reality gaming that’s set to take off in 2015.

What’s promising is that nearly every new device that was announced at CES is web-connected with an inherent purpose – which is more that we can say for last year’s Android Wi-Fi enabled washing machines…

Stay tuned for more CES news, as our very own Nick Monkhouse will share his first-hand thoughts on what stood out for him during his visit to Vegas last week, on