Not long now till we can Showyou….


MB have been hard at work on the identity for an incredible new app. It’s due to launch tomorrow….but we’re too excited to stay quiet about it any longer!

Although we can’t give away too much, the app is called Showyou, and in the words of MB CEO Ben, is “really simple, useable, beautiful.” Check out what their beta testers have been saying on Twitter, and according to our in-house testers Marian and Camilla, (who are already addicted to it) it’s going to be “the” iPad2 app.

This blog image is just a teaser of the identity we created, taken from the start-up animation. In the next couple of days we will post our case study, which will talk through the brand strategy and identity we developed. (as with most of our case studies, there’ll probably be a few shots of bearded men pointing at mood boards as well). In the meantime, chuck a note in your diary to download the Showyou app tomorrow!


  • The image look like a cool tablet of new generation.