Our favourite Internet fads

grumpy catAs ‘that dress’ fades from our collective consciousness and retinas, we wanted to check in on our other favourite Internet stars, to find out what they did after their 15 minutes of fame/shame (much like this episode of South Park).

Tay Zonday
Tay Zonday or ‘Chocolate Rain guy’ soared to fame with his bass voice and repetitive keyboard motifs. Now rather depressingly he’s doing YouTube covers…

Numa Numa
Gary Brolsma, the ‘Numa Numa guy’, has a website of all his new Numa activities. He also runs a computer repair and web design company and sings for a band called Nonetheless. Busy guy.

Grumpy Cat
It seems the world isn’t fed up of Grumpy Cat yet. Owned by Tabatha Bundensen, Grumpy Cat or Tardar Sauce has made $100m in advert deals since her debut in 2012.

Charlie bit my finger
When Charlie bit Harry, it made their parents rich. Adverts on the video have helped the Davies-Carr family buy a new house and secure expensive educations for the boys.

Tommy Wiseau
Wiseau wrote, acted in, directed and produced what is widely regarded as the worst film ever made, ‘The Room’. He gave us quad-whammy again for his sitcom ‘The Neighbors’ (one episode aired). He’s down for an acting credit in this year’s ‘Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance’ and has promised a 3D version of ‘The Room’.

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