Pizza! F*ck yeah!

There’s something not quite right about this film. In fact, there’s quite a few things not right about it. Is it the suspiciously high production values? The strangely on-brand talking heads? Or is it just that no-one should get that excited about pizza crusts?


  • I stopped at the group clap/chant ‘WHO ARE WE?! DOMINOS PIZZA!’. This is utter cuss. Another example of a big brand ‘trying’ to use an ‘honest’ approach by employing actors splashed with a bit of flour to talk up how they are facing their criticism ‘head-on’. Even the lard bucket in their supposed customer forum looked fake. Not fat fake, just bad acting fake.
    And breathe.

  • I stopped watching a little before Steve did (the previous commentator), then I clicked ahead a few notches until I saw that group chant Steve referenced. That was more than enough for me, too.

  • Aki Shelton

    So this means they admitted that they have been making crap pizza and they didn’t realized that until they heard from people at focus group?? I think there is something not quite right about it there.
    Anyway, there is a new iPhone app recently came out in Japan call “Domino’s App” ( Not sure it’s Japan only app or it’s available in other countries but by using GPS, you can order pizza from Domino’s and they deliver to you wherever you are – like you are in middle of park doing picnic or Ohanami (watching cherry blossom) with your friends, you can order pizza from there and they deliver to you – if you really want to eat Domino’s pizza that badly:)

  • Joseph Cooper

    It’s like an Apple PR advert.

  • The Domino’s Pizza Turnaround actually sounds like a medical complaint common among student households on most Friday nights.