Positive energy from Solar Impulse


Solar Impulse, the world’s first solar powered plane to circumnavigate the globe, has completed its second leg. If this is the first you’ve heard, don’t fret. The journey will take over five months, and you can keep up to date with its progress on an impressive rolling news channel named ‘SI.TV Live.’ You can monitor the plane’s altitude and fuel levels, see live footage, and even chat live to mission control (if you’re lucky you might catch sponsor Prince Albert of Monaco dropping in to check up on his investment).

As well as travelling the world, it is also campaigning about clean technologies. Solar Impulse shows us that what it’s doing in the air, we can do on the ground, to end our reliance on fossil fuels.

Over the coming months the pilots will be flying for days at a time, with only 20 minute naps and yoga to keep them awake/sane. Yoga positions have been specifically designed for each pilot to deal with the confines of the plane, and to regulate body temperature in the heat of the sun.

If solar powered clean tech isn’t pushing your buttons, may we suggest this alternative-alternative energy source.