Post-it note

Post it note from Moving Brands® on Vimeo.

Last night MB graced Shoreditch Town Hall (along with a team of dancers dressed as zombies it seemed…) for ‘Post it Note’ – our regular event we hold just to keep everyone on top of all the projects going on in the studio. Teams were given the task of capturing the project brief on a post-it note, and presenting months worth of work in a minimum of slides, with added jokes a bonus.

It’s a great chance for people to find out about studio projects they were not involved with, as well as some which SF have worked on across the pond. We learned about some of our recent projects including Showyou and The Royal Marsden (you can view the case studies in the work section of our site) as well as a few we are preparing to unleash upon the world!

Thanks to everyone who took part. We’d like to share a short, tongue in cheek film made for the night by MB residents Nick MacDonald and Ellen Turnill