Project 10


Steve Price of PlanB Studio has set himself a rather big challenge; 10 projects/collaborations in the next 10 months with 10 NFP/NGO organisations on projects that are ‘fun’. Culminating in an exhibition celebrating the work, the process, and the people involved, along with a book, and a very special event with guest speakers. To promote Project10 and the great work he is doing, Steve is also making a 100 x 12 page newspapers to be sent out on the 10th of each month from now until October.  March’s edition includes contributions from Matthew Knight, Daljit Singh, Shane RJ Walter, Simon White, Nik Roope, Chantelle Fiddy, Mr Bingo, and Alec Strang. Steve got in touch last week to invite me to contribute to next month’s “ladies only” issue. I knew that pink glitter would come in useful some day! Watch this space. And Steve’s space too!