Rebrand in an hour


Last week MB welcomed a class of Masters students from the University of East Anglia to take part in a workshop with some of the Moving Brands team members.

The class were first given a tour of the studio, followed by a presentation by Design Director Jon, who talked about our philosophy of Creativity for a Moving World, our approach, and how this shaped the work for our client Watermark.

The workshop presented the students with the challenge of drafting a “Brand Narrative,” and considering core values for a hypothetical rebrand of Sony.

The class divided into small groups, and armed with the necessary creative weaponry of visual stimulus, open-minds, stationary and the fundamental sweet treats, the students faced the task head on.

After working together and mirroring Moving Brand’s summarised methods of generating a Brand Narrative, the groups each presented their ideas and rationale behind them. A rebrand in one hour is no mean feat but the UEA students were really on-point and impressed the guys at MB. (Actually they stylishly put our last minute effort to shame). Overall it was an insightful afternoon and fast pace of the workshop also inspired the team and reminded us that working collaboratively can really benefit all parties involved, be it the agency, clients or students.


  • Hi I am Kosby, Its great to see UEA students having such a good workshop! I am currently a student in Goldsmiths MA in Creative Entrepreneurship, we have a course MA Brand Development as well, would it be possible to have an opportunity also to take a look at your professional works and environment for our students too? Thx! And i really love MB’s works! đŸ™‚