Rebrand Tasmania

We were really pleased and flattered to hear from Jonathan of SouthSouthWest who have just launched an open forum to create a public brand for the state Government of their original island home of Tasmania. Jonathan said, “Just a quick little note to thank you for a splash of inspiration. Last year when you guys launched your open public forum to create a new brand for London, it got our studio thinking (along with the rest of the world). Thanks for inspiring us with your bold ideas. We hope you can take some pleasure in the ripple effect your thinking had on the other side of the planet!”.

Naturally, we are thrilled to see our approach being adopted elsewhere – it marks the beginning of a massive shift in the creative industry when it comes to public brands. You can check out SouthSouthWest’s presentation here, their brief and findings document here, and the whole story here.


  • An interesting project would be to re-brand Taiwan.

    It’s a fascinating place and a great destination no one knows about.

    A re-branding exercise would present a big challenge from the political perspective (given it is not an officially recognised country and China considers it a rogue state). But there is the opportunity to present Taiwan as an exciting place (as opposed to a politically ambiguous one).

    How urgent is such a project? Very. Just have a look at their Welcome to Taiwan website: