Rebranded ad-tech startup Inadco launches new website


We’re thrilled to announce that our recent re-brand and website design for innovative ad-tech startup Inadco has made its way into the world at

Inadco came to Moving Brands seeking a creative partner with which to establish a brand identity around their transformative ad platform. The company is breathing new life into display advertising with its form ads, which are designed to benefit both advertisers and consumers by facilitating direct and intentional connections with customized prompt and response text boxes integrated into everything from targeted banner ads to social media feeds, mobile platforms and search engine results.

The startup was growing its staff as well as its offer, including a lucrative partnership with Yahoo! Search, but were in need of a core brand story and a simple, unified means of expressing who they were and what they did. Moving Brands articulated their story, a wholly unique combination of boldly innovative thinking and meticulous engineering, in a vibrant visual identity system and simple declarative messaging.

We’ll be releasing a full case study and film on the brand soon, including the development of the new logo and surrounding visual identity system. In the meantime, we’re thrilled to see our work thriving in the world, and apparently the world is thrilled, too: Inadco just announced that it has raised $11-million of series B funding—that’s what we call “the new value ad.”