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Record Store Day 2015 is upon us. For everyone who isn’t a vinyl obsessive audiophile, it’s an annual event in which independent record shops across the world stock limited editions that have been pressed especially for the day. Started in 2007 by a number of record shop owners in Baltimore, the event has snowballed into a cultural phenomenon.

There’s a list of releases, rules and record stores that are participating, so if you fancy queuing for three hours to spend £15.00 on a 7” then get ready!

As well as RSD, this week also saw the debut of the official vinyl only charts in the UK. After reviewing the top 40, we’ve pondered the chart’s relevance. Does anyone who buys vinyl really care about ‘charts’? What’s the use of listing whether it’s the David Bowie or Oasis reissue that’s selling more?

Strangely, perhaps the chart is actually ahead of its time; vinyl sales are constantly growing – 2014 was an 18 year high and it’s been projected that figures will increase by 70% in 2015. Regardless of whether The Beatles will ever be knocked off the charts, vinyl is a nice reminder that physical artefacts can stand the test of time, whereas its more digital focused counterparts don’t. Anyone remember MiniDiscs?

Illustration by MB’s Sarah Burgess

This list originally appeared in Moving World Wednesday 20150415

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