Resonance trailer

A mysterious 20second trailer appeared on Vimeo a couple of days ago and is picking up a bit of buzz, with 5500 views in 35 hours, and over 15,000 hits on the website.

The trailer is for a short film called ‘Resonance,’ a project being run by SR Partners and involving over 30 world class animators and sound designers. Although details are being closely guarded, the project has promised “to bring a new dimension to both Visual and Audio motion graphics.”

Simon Jones, of SR Partners, (and MB staffer), said the independent project was “all being done on a zero budget with everyone working in their spare timeā€¦ it’s running on the love of animation and audio we all have.”

With Simon and three other MB staff involved in the project, we can’t wait for it’s premiere at OFFF in Barcelona in June. Go team!