Review: Wolf Hall and Cucumber


If you’re looking for some great catch up British TV to wake you up on your morning commute check out the finale of Wolf Hall or the most recent episode of Cucumber. Philip Browning, our Senior Copywriter reviews this week’s episodes. WARNING: SPOILER (and crux of series) ALERT!

Wolf Hall’s magisterial finale saw Anne Boleyn go from fiery to pitiable in less than 60 minutes. Her beheading, of course, was no surprise, but it was never the less achingly bleak. Meanwhile, Episode 6 of Cucumber took a chilling turn when poor, lovable Lance got brained by the man I’ve spent five episodes wishing he’d give up on. His dying moments, filled with the shards of his life’s memories, were devastating.

Watch Wolf Hall here and Cucumber here.

(Only available to view in the UK) 


  • brian

    the last episode of Wolf Hall was by far the best. Overall disappointed with the series – failed to capture the books which are full of wonderful dialogue missed from the TV. Last episode of Cucumber also the best so far, but not sure it needed to be so over dramatic – what’s wrong with showing a gay life that doesn’t end in tragedy.

  • jules

    Good to see that your reviews are tackling TV as well as theatre and films

  • Gord Ray

    Aghhh. I can’t read the review given the SPOILER ALERT warning (!) but am looking forward to seeing where they take the next episode of Cucumber 🙂

  • Jason Abbott

    I adore Cucumber and anything that is described as achingly bleak is right up there in the ‘must watch’ list