Royal Marsden Cancer Charity Christmas workshop

Moving Brands have been working with The Royal Marsden for three years across strategic and creative projects for The Royal Marsden, The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity and the Private Care brands. Throughout this time, we have been fortunate enough to meet many of the incredible and dedicated staff and truly inspiring patients. The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity is the Moving Brands house charity, and we’ve collaborated with the team on a number of projects, across digital, installation and photographic channels.

Last Thursday Nick and myself visited the new Children’s Centre at the Sutton site to run a creative workshop with some of the kids. We worked with the group, aged 4 – 17, to design one of the Charity‚Äôs official 2012 Christmas cards.

With a level of creative energy and industriousness that would make any design studio pale in comparison, the kids made a bounty of cards to raise funds for the Charity. As ever, I left with nothing but respect and total admiration for the staff and helpers at The Royal Marsden. I genuinely believe the kids couldn’t be in a better environment. Simply awesome.

A massive thanks to all the staff at the Children’s Centre, Wendy, Daniela and Catherine of the Charity team, and of course all the kids; Luka, Ellis, Mia, Robert, Richard, Amanda, Nieve, Fabian and Piers


  • really inspiring thing… super simple project with huge results… awesome.