We’ve known for years that businesses will suffer if they’re not ‘mobile-first’, but now the odds are stacked against them even more.

Google is making changes to the way sites are ranked on its pages. They now need larger text, easier to click links and the ability to be resized to fit any screen. Terrifyingly dubbed ‘mobilegeddon’, Google will now favour sites that are optimised for mobile.

Although people have had plenty of warning and Google is saying that the change ‘isn’t an earthquake’, SEO experts say this is its biggest change since 2011’s ‘Panda’ update, when smaller businesses were thrown down the pecking order.

For a small business, the difference between appearing on page one or page five could mean life or death. Without being able to afford ‘paid ads’ independent businesses are fast realising that being 100% dependent on Google searches to bring in customers isn’t bulletproof.

In other Google search news, the company has now made it possible to export your search history and download it from its servers. So now you can recount the times you sieved through 25 pages on Google in search of a new barber.

This originally appeared in Moving World Wednesday 20150422

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