The story of Human Progress

Last week, as agreed with our clients, we published a case study on our website. Within hours, had crashed three times. Our name was across design, news, social media and tech blogs worldwide and our Twitter interactivity feed was updating every few seconds. After almost three years worth of creative collaboration between MB and the HP global brand team, the work had been set free.

At Moving Brands we talk a lot about storytelling and about learning to “lose control and love change”. Last week we saw how, while we can control the stories we tell on our website, we have no control over how and where those stories will be re-told. That’s how stories work – they travel from one person to the next, changing a little bit each time. We watched as the brand story of “Human Progress,” the Identity and Design System and the ‘Progress mark’ provoked global support, debate, opposition and analysis.

The vision work, symbolized by the Progress Mark, was the catalyst for much of the creative development of the brand, but has not been adopted by HP. Currently we are updating the case study with HP to clarify the distinction between the Identity and Design System work that is in use, and the creative vision that serves as inspiration but has not been implemented.

Thanks for your interest and support. We’ll let you know when the case study is available again.