Measuring the ROI of design


As part of our regular Lunch and Learn sessions, today we welcomed Antti Pitkanen to discuss the DROI Measurable Design project. Launched late last year in Finland, and with an English translation available as of last month, the report
sets out to create a methodology and a set of metrics to measure the economic impact (or return on investment, ROI) of design.

The resulting tool is a relatively complex excel sheet, and has generated interest from all over the globe, from academic journals, industry press, Universities, as well as a large ecosystem of design companies and businesses.

The report, funded by Aalto University, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation and fifteen member agencies of the Finnish Design Business Association, offers an interesting first step in helping to make sense of this difficult concept. Antti’s presentation provoked several questions from the MB team and our visitors from the Design Business Association; Why does the tool measure the impact on cash flow instead of P&L? How do we set metrics for success of brand design when brand is at the heart of every area of business – from customer experience to product and service design, from campaigns to spatial and packaging design, and should the design industry do a better job of defining and communicating its value?

You can access the full report online here.